What is Conscious Business?

A New Way of Doing Business

Conscious Business is a still-evolving term used to talk about people who are looking to make a difference in the way that we do business and think about business, in order to make the world a better place.

Arguably, business has been the source of huge suffering in the world – worker exploitation, environmental degradation, the rise of mechanized education, and even more personal concerns, such as lack of fulfillment and quality family time.

But it is not helpful to blame some imaginary entity called “Business” for these problems. Business, after all, is only a system for sharing innovation and services. It is our own input to the system that is causing undesirable outcomes. Like the old axiom goes: if you put garbage in, you’ll only get garbage out!

This is where Conscious Business comes into action.

What is Involved in Conscious Business?

Green entrepreneur John Elkington coined the term triple bottom line – meaning that the bottom line of a business, which has traditionally been only about profit, would be joined by social and  environmental wellbeing as a metric of success.

It is this attention to the holistic wellbeing of a business and its customers that is the foundation of a Conscious Business.

These are businesses promoting new ways of doing things: to make money in ways that are ethical, to provide value to the world instead of noise, to have a higher purpose, and to be financially successful while valuing more than profit alone.

People who start Conscious Businesses are no longer willing to compromise truth and health in exchange for a paycheck. We don’t want to be a cog in anyone’s machine. We want to do work to benefit the world, and thrive.

It’s Not Utopian Nonsense

The phenomenon of Conscious Business is actually the beginning of a trend that has gained speed and will continue to grow.

In a world where business is becoming more and more automatized, systematized, and commercialized, consumers are absolutely craving authenticity, quality, and connection. They are looking for companies that align with their world views, and care about the same things they do.

To all of the Conscious Business owners, employees, and supporters out there, we say bravo, and keep up the good work – in our mind, transforming the world into a better place is the only work worth doing, and we need you. Evolving Earth is here to support you in your endeavors.

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